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Rumilluminations Now
By: Esther M. Powell
Posted on: Wed, July 01 2015 - 8:55 am

July 1, 2015                                                   Madison, IN

I just had the perfect peach - the best peach I've had in years, actually, and its luscious scent is still hanging in the air. The experience has almost sweetened my view of the world enough to make me abandon my chosen topic of the day, but not quite.

Last night I saw a show about a man who murdered his wives. I was living near Chicago when his fourth wife went missing, and despise him so much I vowed not to name him again.

Yesterday I heard more of the story of these wives. That is, I heard more. That is, I heard better. Are you hearing me?

Nobody, surely, was listening to those poor women when they told the police that their policeman husband was threatening to kill them.

The police didn't hear, hear, more or better when one of their own was telling them a different story.

So do I believe blacks when they say they aren't listened to? Do I believe them when they say they are minimized and even demonized by the white male power system?

Absolutely. And the people who console themselves with the idea that each occurrence is a rare or isolated incident are kidding themselves.

Actions of violence and carelessness towards minorities and women are like cockroaches. For every one you see there are scores you don't. They come in all sizes and colors, too. Big ones, little ones, brown ones, white ones. (There are white cockroaches in caves.)

So, my fellow (ha, is there a feminine word comparable to that one?) women, do you feel unheard, disregarded, misunderstood, and grossly undervalued in life?

Chances are you are probably right.

If you really feel, though, that someone wants to KILL YOU, don't wait to be proven right. And don't stay for the children! You will be of no help to them dead.

P.S. The murderer who inspired this rant did not kill his first two wives, but at least one of them had some unsavory things to report about him. Nobody listened to them, either.

Reminds me of the city council aspirant in Santa Fe who said, "All seven of my wives were crazy." When I read that I snorted and exclaimed, "Who could possibly believe that?"

Now, thirty years later, I sorrowfully perceive the answer to that question: practically everyone.

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