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Rumilluminations Now
By: Esther Powell
Posted on: Fri, May 01 2015 - 6:29 pm

May 3, 2015                                                 Madison, IN

Yesterday I chose Gary Stevens on Firing Range to win the Kentucky Derby partly to support the senior rider (and because I know experience counts and he probably wouldn't ride an inadequate mount.) He came in second - not bad at all. Of course I wasn't there nor did I bet.

I also got lucky on my walk. The Pioneer Garden a few blocks from home have stunning peony trees in full glorious bloom. As it turned out, Madison in Bloom, the annual garden tour, was happening yesterday also.

Best possible weather for horse racing and garden strolling.

*Two Girls and a Guy We loved it and the brilliant Robert Downey Jr. of course. This has all the earmarks of a stage play (although I haven't researched it) but I didn't develop the claustrophobia I usually feel when I see stage plays on the screen.

*The Man from Snow River a horse pick for Kentucky Derby day. Watchable family film

May 1, 2015                                                 Madison, IN

Happy May Day!  I wonder if nations south of the equator have comparable holidays. Will have to look it up.

I'm reading a fascinating new book called Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole by Dr. Allan H. Hopper and Brian David Burrell.

I just realized how often these days authors have three names on their books. There are so many of us now, presumably, that we need all our names to distinguish us from others.

Anyway, from this book about brain disease I found out a word for what I've been doing occasionally for years - amphigory. It means nonsense speech. Why haven't I run across it before now?

Today since we don't have a garden I bought my love a May Day bouquet: delphinium, alstromeria, and two stunning yellow roses.
I was sorely tempted to add some irises from gardens on the way home but I resisted. Irises don't last long cut anyway.

Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby. Yay, May! The cruelest month was yesterday.

*Artificial Intelligence  Posed some interesting questions but my didn't it go on and on! In spite of this it did dredge up some emotions.

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