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Rumilluminations Now
By: Esther M. Powell
Posted on: Thu, October 01 2015 - 6:10 pm

October 3, 2015                                          Madison, IN

It seems as if the weather here consulted the calendar and said, as of October first, "Oh, my God it's October! How the Hell did that happen?"

Well, my feet are telling me they are cold, my neck is thanking me for not getting a shorter haircut last week, and I'm layering like crazy.

All of a sudden I have energy!

It's wonderful.

*The Sunshine Boys  To tell the truth, I didn't really enjoy this much, even though it was funny. It was good to see these famous old-time comedians. Too hard to watch, but I did laugh. 


*Everyone's Fine  I had to restrain myself from sobbing out loud during portions of this "comedy."  Loved it.

October 2, 2015                                           Madison, IN

Since convicted pit bull fighter Michael Vick is now performing as quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers while Roethlisberger recovers from his injury I started musing about him.

"We'll see how much Vick likes being a Pittbull."

A little spiteful, I confess, but after all, I was mostly interested in the wordplay (also a confession.)

It occurred to me this morning, though, that perhaps I (and the animal activists) had the whole thing backwards.

Why should Vick feel so bad about putting dogs into the fray when that is essentially how he and his "owners" treat him?

Okay, okay I'm exaggerating a little but think about it. These guys get knocked around and injured and put at risk of serious brain injury all the time.

Sure, he has a choice and the dog doesn't, you say.

Oh, really? A real choice?

I'm not so sure. I suspect quitting football for these guys would be comparable to a pit bull lying down in the ring and allowing another dog to tear him apart.

Neither species, canine or human, is bred for it.

October 1, 2015                                           Madison, IN

Strange, this year I kept thinking we would still have a September hot spell and then - we didn't. Here it is October and I haven't made my seasonal switchover. The leaves are turning and my mind just isn't.

Instead the minds of my partner and I are turning toward our projected trip next year. Did you know that you can see campgrounds on YouTube with your smart T.V.?  We're getting minivacations in Montana and Wyoming just watching.

Yeah, I guess we'll make it through the winter wither via whither weather!

*My Sister's Sister  Wonderful setting, sympathetic characters - all except, maybe Alcohol. I don't much care for alcohol as a character.

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