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Rumilluminations Now
By: Esther Powell
Posted on: Tue, September 01 2015 - 9:20 pm

September 2, 2015                                                       Madison, IN

Some of the county clerks in Kentucky are refusing to give gay people licenses to marry in spite of our Supreme Court ruling that failing to do so is a violation of their constitutional rights. At least one of them is solving the issue of equality under the law by temporarily refusing to issue marriage licences to anyone at all.

A few years ago in Benton County, Oregon, the same thing happened for exactly the opposite reason: an injunction against the county clerk's issuing licenses to gays was obeyed in the same way - no marriage for anyone.

When it happened in Benton County, Oregon I thought it was a brilliant move. Now, when practiced by the other side, I find myself not so well pleased.

Of course, this caused me to soul-search a little. Sure, the Oregon injunction was temporary while the U.S. Supreme Court decision is, to intents and purposes, permanent, but still - am I being inconsistent by disapproving the Kentucky clerk's actions?

I decided I'm being consistent, the common thread of my feeling being in favor of the pursuit of happiness as often as possible. Our laws say it is okay for gays to pursue the privileges our legal system confers upon marriage because the constitution requires equal treatment under the law for everyone.

One county clerk was televised as saying that for her(him?) it was a matter of life or death. My response to that is, "Oh, get over yourself! You're a clerk!"

I did clerical work for years. In medical offices I took care of records without concerning myself with the religions of the patients or my own beliefs about vaccinations. In law offices I notarized papers without worrying about the contents. I was just a clerk, serving the public.

If you, county clerks of America, can't in all conscious do your jobs, then resign!

The really depressing thing about this, though, is comparing this zeal for civil disobedience in opposition to people having happiness in the world (as opposed to in the afterlife) with the lack of such energy and courage shown by many when it has come to orders to commit obvious misdeeds and evils which deprived people of even their lives.

Now, there is civil disobedience worth committing, if you have the courage. Stand up for something that will personally put you at risk.

Then preach all you want about "a higher law - God's".

*Craigslist Joe  Lovely film, so we loved it!

*Muffin Top  Silly heroine, maybe, but great success at being funny.

September 1, 2015                                                              Madison, IN

The neighborhood's going downhill.

Today while on our walk we saw a city worker driving a golf cart along the edges of the landing lot and the sidewalks of the riverside park spraying the edges with - something. Herbicides? Pesticides?

The only birds we saw today besides water birds were the vultures.

There are so many toxins being tossed about here I'm beginning to wonder about the health of mammalian life - including us!

*Shadow of a Doubt  There's more than a shadow of a doubt about what to call this film. The title hints at courtroom drama but although there's an investigation it doesn't get that far. It's a lot of fun, though. Maybe from our seventy-year perspective I might be unfair, but I call it a farce.

*Tig  Serious movie about the life of a comic.

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